In this Episode Chris Weatherly chats with his friend Chris Neal about directing. Chris Neal is a commercial director living in Phoenix, AZ, but grew up in Evansville, IN. The two Chris’ have worked together on various projects, and forged a friendship around their shared interest in filmmaking.

Rachel, Hannah, Kristin Truelove and Jordan Rogers discuss Lady Business, a group for female-identifying creatives, entreprenerus and professionals who want to connect, share ideas, and empower and support one another. Learn more about Lady Business at

Matt and Rachel interview Randy Hobson and Wanphen McDonald of Pangea Kitchen and discuss the origins of the restaurant, why they care so much about doing things the right way, building a team, and more.

Matt, Rachel, Nick, Chris and Lauren discuss our definition of design, examples of problem solving in design, filmmaking as design, moral design, identifying as a designer, Matt’s pet peeve, design vs creative, and the difference between design and art.

Matt, Rachel, Nick, Chris and Lauren discuss the origins of the Courthouse Creative Cooperative, their individual paths to joining the cooperative, and the importance of mentorship.