The Witness is a podcast about creativity, community and collaboration, produced out of the offices of the Courthouse Creative Cooperative in downtown Evansville, Indiana.

Our manifesto:

When fulfilling their duties to their fullest potential, designers are at their essence problem solvers. Designers get to bear witness to a diverse array of problems on a daily basis, and use their critical thinking skills to devise plans and provide solutions.

At the very least we are called upon to solve problems of communication through visuals; and at best we provide clarity and thought as we contribute to solutions directly. In order to do this with authenticity, we have to truly understand the core of what we’re called to address. We have been fortunate to work with people and organizations from many different sectors in business, non-profit and government, and have always looked at our businesses as conduits for community engagement. We find ourselves in the center of a lot of interesting conversations in our region every day, and we try to use our skills to contribute as problem solvers and communicators. 

According to Merriam-Webster a witness is defined in 3 ways:

One who is present
As designers, we at the table both as volunteers and paid consultants to help solve problems within our community. We are asked to bear witness to the discussion surrounding the problem so we can best serve as a testament.

One who has personal knowledge
The personal knowledge is acquired through listening and observation. We must fully understand the problem and separate personal bias from the truth. Our personal knowledge comes from working to understand wholeheartedly.

One who provides evidence of fact
After understanding the problem, we then apply our skills as craftspeople to produce the visuals that communicate the desired message. The goal is visuals that simply, effectively and memorably tell an authentic story.

These three definitions reflect the process that we as problem solvers bear witness to everyday. The Witness podcast seeks to tell the stories of the things we bear witness to in our community everyday. We will share stories from the past, and present through our own lens as well as the lenses of other witnesses in our community. The topics will be broad, and the conversation candid. We’ll share successes and failures and capture the general discussion that goes on behind the scenes with our work and our lives as we navigate our community and search for the authentic.

Problems are solved through creativity, and creativity cannot happen without vulnerability. Join us on this messy, imperfect and hopefully interesting journey. Thoughts and ideas can never flourish if they are not shared, and we are excited about growing side by side with our listeners as we learn from each other through connection.