Nick and Matt are joined by Heather McNabb, Leslie Eades and Zac Parsons to discuss the origins of TEDxEvansville, how they each got involved, why they think it’s important for our community, and the future of the event. Links: TEDxEvansville website TEDxEvansville on Facebook TEDxEvansville on Instagram TEDx YouTube channel

The whole Courthouse Creative Cooperative team check in with each other on day 60 of their remote living and working situations during this historic COVID 19 pandemic. We discuss what we’ve been up to, how we’ve been affected both personally and professionally and what we’ve been binge watching. Links: Covid-19 Crisis Response Fund of the … Continued

Matt and Rachel welcome in important changemakers DeAndre Wilson of Turn Table, LLC and Keep Rolling Campaign and Tori Chapman and Ryan Herring owners of Vegan Eats & Treats into the studio to have a conversation about public space, entrepreneurship, stereotypes and opportunities in regard to race and culture in Evansville. 

Chris is joined by fellow filmmakers Dave Docimo, Matthew Martin, Toby Hitchcock and Thomas Bernardin to discuss how they got into the industry, how it’s changed, working with clients, the term “videographer,” and their love of narrative filmmaking, documentaries and storytelling in general. Links: Wavelength Films Wavelength Films on Instagram Dave Docimo on Instagram Matthew … Continued

The whole group is in the studio today talking about mental health. We discuss the gamut between mental health and mental illness and share our own personal stories dealing with anxiety, depression and mental illness. Awareness, self care, and support are critical to maintaining your mental health. If something we say resonates with you, please … Continued

Rachel and Matt talk with the dynamic Summer El-Khodary, UE Student and founder of Cultural Communications. She talks about growing up Muslim in Evansville, her quest to give a voice to the marginalized, her spirit of service, bringing the human aspect to providing health care and local issues surrounding race, identity and access.

Matt, Rachel, Nick, Chris, Lauren and Hannah discuss the importance of mentorship.

Chris Weatherly sits down with the team behind Left Turn Productions / For Evansville, Ross Chapman and Jonathan Boettcher, to discuss their latest short film Intervene.  Left Turn Productions is the namesake used for film projects produced by For Evansville, a social entrepreneurial organization committed to cultivating collaboration among churches and community leaders for the common … Continued

Lauren and Matt welcome Leslie Eades, the founder of City Social Events into the studio. They discuss obstacle course races, values, hand lettering, collaboration and the importance of language. Learn more about City Social Events at

Matt, Rachel, Nick, Chris, Lauren and Hannah talk about the importance of failure, how you can learn from it, and share a few of their own failures.